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VonGecse German Shepherds
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Taranaki, New Zealand

We are a 110% committed to providing an honest, friendly, open, positive experience to buyers of our puppies.
Life time support and the jug is always on.

We are proud to advise that both
Jade and Joe are tested DM gene clear (meaning they do not carry the Degenerative myelopathy gene)
They have excellent hips & elbow scores.
All test results available to view and copies of scores given to puppy buyers.

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 About Us.....

"VonGecse"  German Shepherds
(pronouced Von Garcher) 
has been proudly established by myself, 
Tania Lilley and my husband John Lilley
in 2014.

 We live in Manaia,  SouthTaranaki under the watchful eye  of the beautiful Mount Taranaki. We have lived and farmed in Taranaki  for many years.


The beginning:
There was a gorgeous dog that lived over the road from our house when I was just 9. His name was Butch. He befriended me and we did everything together. He even slept on our front porch waiting for me.  His owners were older people and they told me that he was a cross between an Alsation and a German Shepherd lol. Each weekend we hung out together. I would take him for walks and teach him tricks. One time I even fed him his owners scotch fillet steak out of their fridge (when I was baby sitting him while the owners went out ha ha ha)

Sadly he had temperament problems. He was an entire male and would fight with any other male around. One weekend I took him for a walk and he pulled away from me and attacked a corgi and its owner. He was on his last warning................the following week the Dog ranger came and took him away. Thats the last I ever saw of him. 

I blamed the Alsation in him (ha ha ha ha).......but loved the German Shepherd and this is where my fascination and devotion to the breed began.

 I  purchased my first German Shepherd in 1984 from a small kennel in  New Plymouth. ( I remember taking out a personal loan of $400.00 from  the TSB bank to pay for the puppy).

 The puppy I purchased was Bettina of Clearmont (Lady), born on  08/04/1984. She was a daughter of the well known NZ CH Dunmonaidha  Junker (Imp-UK). This sparked my interest in conformation showing. My  gorgeous little girl did well in the local ribbon parades and some of the  speciality shows.

 When I moved to Australia in 1985, I took her with me. It cost me $1000  to take her (her airfare was triple that of mine). She promptly lost her  beautiful thick winter coat but after she acclimatised, I continued to  show her and she brought home many a ribbon, cups and trophies.

 My next German Shepherd was der Ingolsta Diamond Daze. (Max) He was  born in 2003 I was back in New Zealand. I showed him too and had  some success, he  did extremely well at obedience trials.

 It wasnt until 2014 that I found myself in the position again where I  could offer another German Shepherd a wonderful home. 

 We purchased little Whitehawk Bailey, (Jade) with the intention of  "Showing" her (as she was pick of the litter). Sadly I never had the time  off (away from the farm) to follow this passion. In hindsight this was  not such a bad thing. As a result of spending seven days a week working  on the farm with me, Jade developed and finely tuned her natural  herding techniques.
 Daily, Jade will herd all moving things!  She does this of her own accord.  She herds our chickens, the sheep, the calves, cows and steers. She has  never been taught how to do this or follow any rules. She is a natural at  sighting up the stragglers and bringing them in to the rest of the herd,  flock or pack. Jade is a thinker, she has beauty and brains.

 My husband John has always had working dogs on his farms. He is never  without a dog by his side in his day to day farming.

 He was not that keen on me getting a German Shepherd as he didn't  really like them. But it didn't take long for him to see how awesome  they are when Jade started helping without being asked to. He then  decided that he wanted to have "his own" one.

 In 2015 we purchased "Reidhaus Cotton Eyed "Joe".
 Joe fit in well with Jade and the farm dogs. He instantly tried his hand  at bringing in the cows and helping around the farm. He is stock proof.  He wont chase the sheep, chickens or steers. 
 Joe has the best ever personality. He is a loveable, gentle, goofball. He  is high energy and loves swimming and playing with his ball.
 One of his favourite things to do is challenge Jade to a running race. He  wins every single time. We can not go out on the farm anywhere  without Joe challenging Jade to a race. 

In 2017 we purchased a sable der Ingolsa bitch at 9 months of age. We called her Zsa. She was a beautiful sweet girl who fit into our family well. In 2018 we had her hips and elbows x-rayed and it came back that she had the worst type of elbow dysplasia.UAP. Needless to say we were devastated.  Sadly the vet advised us to avoid a faster onset of the arthritis that will set in from the condition, we could not let her run freely with our other two dogs or play rough and tumble. He advised that at her age there was nothing that could be done for her as the condition presents at age 4 months. Its where the bones in her elbow joint dont fuse properly. The vet advised that it is a hereditary condition and that we needed to take her out of the gene pool of any future German Shepherd litters by getting her spayed. He also advised that we should find her a home where she could become a "couch potato". Our hearts broke at this news.
We managed to find an awesome home for her in Matamata with a lady that loves her and takes her for gentle walks daily.

As responsible breeders it was our duty to ensure she was spayed (which we did) and gave her the best possible life for her condition. We put her needs before ours and it really hurt losing her.

 On 9th June 2018 we welcomed the little dynamo "Casadelani Jemila". (Jem) 
She has fit right in with the big dogs. She is from the  Workingline Dam Lira Von Heisenberg and Showline Keybeau  Batteries not Incl'd
We are excited to see what her potential will be. 

 Jade and Joe  work for their living. Working daily, helping on  the farm.It goes to show that you can take the  "Pedigree out of the  Show ring, but  you cant take the herding spirit out of the Shepherd"

 Jade and Joe have both had their hips and elbows scored with excellent  results. (Results on next page)   They have also been screened professionally and are DM gene free. Jem will be scored in due course. 

 Our dogs are our pets and very much part of the family. 

Jade 3 (L) and Zsa 15 mths (R)
Joe Christmas Day 2017
Jade December 2017
25th April, 2018
Ohawe beach, 02/12/2017
Jade (L) Joe (centre) Zsa (R)
14 weeks old, 21st July, 2018
Jade & Jem
21st July, 2018
1st meeting with calves off lead.
21st July , 2018
14 weeks old.
Jem meeting Minty off lead
14 weeks old.
21st July, 2018
Jade and Joe's boys from 2017
8 weeks old
8 weeks old
8 weeks old
8 weeks old
Jem and Jemyma
You swipe me and I will swipe you. Jem 6 months old
8 weeks old
8 weeks old. Ace
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Joe and Jade
with their K9 egg from
The Dog Cave NZ
Summer 2018
Summer 2018
Bettina of Clearmont, 1984 "Lady"
der Ingolsta Diamond Daze 2003 "Max"
Whitehawk Bailey "Jade" 2014
Reidhaus Cotton Eyed "Joe"
Zsa's elbow dysplasia
Ununited anconeal process
Casadelani Jemila